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AI Smart Community

AI Smart Community

AI technology applied in all walks of life is a new development pattern which is being warmly welcomed by technical R&D specialists and enterprise personnels. The construction of a smart city relies more on the intelligent reconstruction of the communities. As an indispensable component for building a smart city as well as the smallest unit for maintaining the basic public security for building an overall public security in the society, communities should be equipped with AI technology .

Problems Existing In Social Administration
  • Unidentified visitors entering into communities to disturb residents
  • Unauthorized visitors enter communities
  • Residents or tenants are unable to enter into their communities as they forget their cards.
  • Accuracy of the handwritten ID information could not be guaranteed.
  • When exceptional situations occur, historical records on access control are irretrievable.
  • Complicated ID information registration for the friends/relatives of the residents/tenants living in the community 

Public Security Administration
  • Difficulties in getting actual demographic statistics 
  • The single data source and data acquisition are unable to make datas compared.
  • Insufficient police force for safeguarding the large urban population
  • Low capabilities in the prejudgment of crimes; Unable to track down the criminal behaviors and activities after the criminal act occurs

Aiming to develop a perfect, smart and providable big data cloud platform with information services, solutions for building a smart community are of full utilization in cloud computing, IOT, mobile internet technologies and ect, including visitor management systems, vehicle management systems, perimeter security systems, one-button alarm systems, central management platform and ect.

Visitor Management System
Our visitor management system is mainly applied for information registration, access control management and information record of the community visitors. In order to visit someone living in the community, visitors should register their ID information before entering into the community. Permissions for visitors entering into the communities should be authorized by the designated receptionists. The receptionists will make necessary records on the time and the behaviors during their visiting. Visitors are able to make an appointment for their visiting in advance or they could use the self-help service to register their own ID information in person as well. All the working flow that is mentioned above will better implement the unified management, which allows future operations in data query. On the basis of the facial recognition technology, our visitor management systems could lower down the high labor costs on the community management and become trully smart with its human service by turning the traditional mode of the humian- operated visitor management systems into the automatic management mode.

Vehicle Management System
Our well-performed license plate recognition (LPR) devices deployed in the entrance and exit of vehicles, mainly in the community entrance and exit gates or the parking lots of the communities, ensures authorised vehicles to access to the communities. 

Perimeter Security System
Our perimeter security systems are able to be deployed along the perimeter walls, fences, the waters connected to the outer community areas, the easily climbed pipes, non-attended substations and pumping stations of the community to monitor and detect any anomaly intrusions, enabling alarms to be triggered under any incidents. With the visual image perception technology adopted, our devices deployed along the fences enable real-time monitoring, allowing humans and objects to be accurately disinguished, which is able to significantly decrease the FAR, fobidding border wall climbings.

One-Button Alarm System
With the emergency alarm buttons installed in certain designated areas, notifications of the emergency incidents could be immediately sent to the related law enforcements after pressing the buttons when any emergency occurs. The software platforms displayed in the security offices will immediately receive the popup emergency notifications and let security gurads get to know the exact places of the emergency. Under such deployment, communties could quickly response to the emergency incidents, find aid via network connection and send police officials to the community immediately from the police station nearby. Having the one-button emergency alarm installed in the communities plays an important role in safeguarding the security of the communities, allowing any crimes to be effectively cracked down.

Central Management Platform
By connecting the data interfaces, our central management platform can exchange datas with other systems, which can not only satisfy the needs of the community administrations in their daily work, it can also assist enterprises with the establishment of their uniform information management platform to unify their application and management. In the aim of creating a perfect, smart and providable big data cloud platform with information services, our products do fully meet the demands of the transformation and upgrade of the community industry under such big data era.