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Jinjiang No.10 Experimental Primary School

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Jinjiang No.10 Experimental Primary School 

Quanzou, China

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        With our Seetown quality bidirectional electric barrier gates, intelligent Desktop ID Verification Terminals and License Plate Recognition Cameras properly installed in Jinjiang No.10 Experimental Primary School, the primary school enables to guarantee its security with its better performed visitor attendance management systems with the function of possibly having its visitors classified into a black list and a white list. The efficiency of the school management will be greatly enhanced and, also, the intercommunication platform between parents and schools could be easily built with the help of our Seetown advanced and innovative products.

        As a public primary school settled in an area with varieties of vehicles and people passing by everyday in Jinjiang, Quanzhou, China, the school was in urgent need of a matching visitor attendance management system to better control the security of the school from the first step on its access control management. As a school with back, front and side gates for visitor’s access, an effective solution for its access control system should indeed be properly provided. With the efforts of our professional technicians as well as the quality products we had, we, Seetown Technology, eventually stood out and won the project with our facial recognition attendance management devices.

        A better access control management was needed to further ensure the safety of such a great number of students and teaching staffs in the school. The school urgently needed a robust visitor attendance management system to safeguard itself and improve its management. As the first time having their school installed facial recognition turnstiles, complex issues continuously existed during the project. But with our professional service and Seetown’s user-friendly products, the problem could be readily solved.

        In order to better manage the attendance of the teachers, the students and the visitors, the facial recognition turnstiles can accurately track the time and attendance of all of them and reduce unwanted visitors. The system acts as an effective barrier to visitors who have not been given clearance. In virtue of this, parents are able to receive notifications sent from the devices to their cell phones with the information of their children’s departure from the school. This will effectively help them increase their children‘s school attendance. 
        With the functions of enabling data shared or connected to the database of the ministry of the public security nearby, the school can manage visitors, teachers, students and the school’s administration working staffs with a white list and a black list. In this way, students, teachers, the school’s administration working staffs and authorized visitors can be listed in its white list. However, unauthorized visitors or the dangerous visitors that might possibly pose threats to the school cannot be allowed to access to the school. With our one-button alarm connected, security guards could decide if they need to press the one-button alarm to further send the emergency notification to the police for an extra hand. Our turnstiles can work smoothly even under unfavorable lighting conditions.
        In terms of planned or unplanned visitors, our technicians provided a solution to the school for saving time and money by streamlining the visitor check-in process. Visitors are able to make a prearranged visit online, which makes every step instructed clearly in the registration process. After making an arrangement for their visit in advance, the turnstiles will enable visitors to get permissions to access to the school after having their identities successfully verified with their resident ID cards or fingerprints. For those visitors making a temporary decision to go for their visit, they could be permitted for their access to the school by having their identities verified properly before entering the school. Working efficiency of the security guards in the school could be greatly improved by having this desktop identity verification device applied in their office.
        License plate recognition cameras should also be installed for better managing authorized and unauthorized school vehicles.

        Seetown facial recognition turnstiles, desktop ID verification devices and licence plate recognition cameras are now smoothly operating in the school. Security level of the are highly promoted. The management of the Jinjiang No.10 Experimental Primary School are getting easier and more efficient. The goal of the school is to teach students how to learn, the goal of Seetown’s products is to safeguard the students and achieve the value of learning.
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