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Xiamen Experimental Primary School Access Control System

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Customer: Xiamen Experimental Primary School 

Location: Xiamen, China

Vertical Education

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        Over 30 pcs of Seetown network cameras and 2 pcs of quality bidirectional electric barrier gates were properly installed in the Xiamen Experimental Primary School. The school values the creation of a safe environment to ensure students’ security since it is the solid foundation of school management and teaching quality. The efficiency of the school management will be greatly enhanced and, also, the situation and emergency could be easily controlled both for staff members and parents despite the distance with the help of Seetwon advanced and innovative products.

        As a historical public primary school established in the year of 1944, the school is now located in the downtown area of the national civilized city, Xiamen, with a number of 2000 primary students and 105 teaching staffs. Thanks to the support of the local government, the Xiamen Experimental Primary School is now making efforts to complete its renovation and extension projects. To ensure the quality teaching, the school was in urgent need of a matching surveillance system. And, eventually, Seetown stood out and won the project with our network cameras.

        Strong compatibility to operate with the back-end NVRs were needed to provide stunning image quality with such a great number of students, the school urgently needed a robust surveillance system to safeguard itself and to improve its management. As the first time having the school employed network cameras, complex issues continuously existed during the project. But with our professional service and Seetown’s user-friendly products, the problem could be readily solved.

        Over 30 cameras were selected to protect the school buildings and outdoor areas. To assure the concise and natural decoration in the school halls, we installed Face Capture Dome Cameras in the open areas and, in the same time, installed Face Capture Bullet Cameras at the corner of the school buildings. To better enhance the efficiency of the school’s attendance management among teaching staffs, students and administrators, we installed two Dual-Lens Face Recognition Terminals compatible with a face recognition turnstile barrier gate to better manage authorized personnels and prevent the access of unauthorized personnels. The two Dual-Lens Face Recognition Terminals would control the glass entry door, mounted adjacent to the door in the side of the entrance passageway and the side of the exit passageway respectively. Security is the top priority for the students. How to realize quality monitoring anytime and anywhere matters to guarantee the security. And that’s the reason why Seetown products are chosen for the project. 

        Seetown network cameras are now smoothly operating in the school. For the buildings installed with network cameras, security level are highly promoted. The management of the school are getting easier and more efficient. The Face Capture Dome Cameras in the open areas bring all-round monitoring, installed in the indoors with robust quality provide reliable monitoring effect. The goal of the school is to teach students how to learn, the goal of Seetown’s products is to safeguard the students and achieve the value of learning.
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