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At present, the delivery management after the school is completed is a headache, and different management systems are used for each management. It directly leads to low security management efficiency; most of the interiors are public places, and the flow of people is huge. It is difficult to track and manage the use of public facilities in real time. How to achieve unified management and real-time online supervision is a major problem facing schools.

The face recognition management system of Xiamen Security Institute should be configured in accordance with the requirements of the scene and in accordance with the principles of "mature and reliable, economical and practical, convenient maintenance, scalable, and cost-effective", and pay attention to pre-buried in place with sufficient margin To meet the needs of future development.

Our company‘s integrated school security and network solutions are designed to solve the real-time and effective supervision and control of safety management, and to maximize the school‘s daily safety management level.
Xiamen Security College currently has two entrances and exits. The east entrance is mainly for vehicle entry and exit, and the north entrance is mainly for student faculty and staff members. The management method is the traditional method. Credit cards and manual security management have large hidden dangers. Traditional manual management, and the door of the dormitory can be accessed without permission, and there is a hidden danger to the personal and property safety of students and staff. At present, face recognition systems are urgently required to be installed in the two school gates and dormitories. The face recognition technology is used to control access rights, effectively protect the personal and property safety of students, faculty and staff, improve the safety factor and management efficiency of the campus, and provide students Safe and comfortable learning and living environment.

Facial recognition gate companions, gates, visitors, facial recognition cameras, and vehicle identification systems are installed at the east gate of the school to meet the daily security management needs of teachers and students in the east gate, strange visitors, and vehicle access.

The north gate of the school is the main entrance for students and school staff. Facial recognition gate companions, gates, visitors, and face recognition cameras are installed to meet the daily management needs of north gate personnel access, visitor management, and security management.

Compared with the traditional visit registration method, the face recognition visitor system has the following obvious advantages:

· Paperless office, more environmentally friendly;
· Increase the registration speed and complete the registration process in 1 second;
· More accurate and comprehensive visitor information;
· Real-time counting of numbers to keep abreast of the people visiting;
· Reminders of visits and reminders of visiting time limit to assist efficient management;
· Recalling records of registered personnel in a certain period of time as needed, making tracking more convenient;
· Automatic recognition (face) for multiple visits, reducing repeated registration and verification processes;
· Multiple verification of the identity of the entry and exit personnel, to prevent any forgery and counterfeit identity, and to strengthen regional security management;

The dormitory building is a place for students to rest and rest. The school needs to ensure the safety of students‘ personal property, so that students can live in peace and comfort. Install a non-contact face recognition camera at the entrance of the dormitory building to cooperate with the access control. The face camera controls the access control switch to enter and leave the dormitory through the face camera. The stranger of the non-resident student can‘t obtain the access right after recognition, and will automatically warn.

The face recognition management system sets up a blacklist database. When blacklisted persons appear in the area outside the school gate, the system will issue a warning after the face recognition camera captures the face comparison. Security personnel can take preventive measures in time to effectively prevent illegal crimes.

Our company not only has mature and reliable technology for campus security and access control on the face recognition system, but also applied to attendance management, campus equipment resource IoT control platform, teaching resource management, student behavior analysis , Face recognition consumption system and other fields, provide data support for more rational allocation of school resources.
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