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  Xiamen Shilitong Intelligent Technology co. LTD. is a high-tech enterprise with artificial intelligence technology as its core. The company is at the forefront of face recognition, image analysis, environment perception, computer vision, machine deep learning, and convolutional neural networks. The field of sophisticated technology continues to explore research. He has deep technical accumulation in artificial intelligence, cloud platform, big data analysis, audio and video codec, computer software and intelligent hardware.
  The company focuses on the application and service of artificial intelligence technology in social public safety and smart cities. Continuously release series of solutions and software and hardware products based on artificial intelligence technology applications, including human data card comparison, face control, smart access control, visitor management and other big data acquisition hardware terminals, as well as urban public safety cloud brain, smart community cloud housekeeper, Smart Campus Cloud Child Care, Smart Hospital Medical Antong and other series of operation management platform software provide comprehensive solutions and comprehensive services for smart cities, Xueliang projects and social public safety.
  We are committed to building a safer and more convenient living environment for the society, and promote artificial intelligence technology to provide applications and services in a wider range of fields.